Alcohol addiction

Alcohol causes 3.3 million deaths each year

Alcohol is a complex disorder of the mind, body and spirit

It affects all aspects of a person’s life

Recovery is possible at Tranquil Pearl

Drug addiction

Affects the mind, body and spirit

It affects family relationships and the community

It can ultimately cause death

Recovery is possible at Tranquil Pearl

The Programme

An eclectic mix of counselling, therapeutic and educational groups

An introduction to the 12 step programme

Complementary therapies

Sports and leisure activities

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    Recovery is possible at Tranquil Pearl...

    Michael T.

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    Tranquil Pearl will save your life...

    John C.

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    Incredible place to stay and get clean!

    Suzan M.

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Tranquil Pearl Private Boutique Addiction Rehab Center

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Our mission: - Sobriety and abstinence

The ultimate goal at Tranquil Pearl CENTER is to save lives by helping clients to achieve a lasting recovery, free from the destructive effects of addiction...

drug and alcohol rehab center

Unique, confidential private location...

Living with a drug or alcohol addiction is frightening. It’s normal to feel like you’re alone, but we are here to tell you that you that you are not. Tranquil Pearl’s drug and alcohol recovery programs can help to turn your life around. We treat body, mind and spirit and can help you to regain your ability to make healthy choices. If you are tired of wondering where it all began to go wrong, now is the time to contact us. Our drug and alcohol recovery programs is located on a stunning beach in the Gulf of Thailand. Our location is close enough to easily reach, but far removed from the hustle and bustle of daily living to allow you to have ample peace and quiet.

You can learn to relax, and enjoy the beach and mountain scenery while experiencing all that our centre has to offer. Many people are afraid to seek drug and alcohol abuse treatment because of the costs. They assume they cannot afford a program. Tranquil Pearl is affordable without sacrificing quality.
At Tranquil Pear Rehab Center we will work with you to provide the best possible treatment experience. We will help you achieve your treatment goals.

Testimonial from John S. - “The Tranquil Pearl is well named. Situated in an exceptionally beautiful and peaceful location, it offers a haven for its clients, and the perfect environment for Les and his team to work in. My recovery began here. Now I am gratefully “trudging the road of happy destiny”. Thank you Les, Penny, Paul, Pearl and the staff for giving me my life back."

Contact us today so we can start to evaluate your needs and begin the process for your recovery.

Best Rehabilitation
Center in Thailand

drug and alcohol rehab center
Exclusive treatment - each client has a spacious, luxurious room...

drug and alcohol rehab center
Relaxation and comfort - escape the stresses of your everyday life. This oasis allows you to do just that...

drug and alcohol rehab center
Inhale energy - after a rehab session, relax and breathe the clean air at the beach which is just a stone's throw away...